Rocky Branch Mountain Music


Rocky Branch Community Club, Inc., is represented by a board of seven (7) individuals who serve faithfully and who love this organization.  As Board members, we are committed to carrying out the mission of Rocky Branch to keep this place as gathering place for musicians and visitors of all ages.  
President - Ben Cooper

"The Mayor" has been instrumental since the beginning of Rocky Branch Community Club.  A former student at Rocky Branch, you can see Ben still in the halls and in the Mountain Music room at the school each Friday night.  Ben says that he is happy to help Rocky Branch keep the music alive.

Vice President - David Brewer

David has served faithfully as the Vice President of Rocky Branch for many years.  He takes care of a lot of behind the scenes tasks that come up on a routine basis at Rocky Branch and also manages our Facebook page.  David loves the music at Rocky Branch, sharing our music and the weekly gathering with friends and neighbors.  When David and Wanda moved here, they were told about Rocky Branch at a campground they were staying at.  They have been coming back ever since.  

Secretary - Mike Mikels

Treasurer - Brenda Farner

Brenda has served as the Treasurer for Rocky Branch Community Center for two years.  She has a love for the music and started coming to Rocky Branch not long after it opened.  Baseball and basketball games for their son kept them busy for several years, but the music brought them back a few years ago.  Rocky Branch provides a feeling of community to everyone who walks through the doors on Friday nights.    

Board Member - Janet Cooper

Music has always been a part of my life. Both Mom and Dad were the first ones to influence this great, life-long love, and it is my hope that I can pass this influence on to others.  

Board Member - Myron Farner

Board Member - Juan Quinton

We first went to Rocky Branch in 2012 to hear the music. It was the wide variety of music that kept us coming. We were drawn by the people and their willingness to share their talents week after week. Eventually we found ourselves among those going every week. In time, Rocky Branch became an extension of family.